Baitul Aman Mosque is located on the border of East Toronto and Scarborough, Ontario. A full-service masjid, Baitul Aman, offers many services to the community including prayer throughout the day, a daily children’s madressa and Friday prayers.

Address: 3114 Danforth Avenue (at Danforth and Victoria Park)

Telephone: 416-691-2008 or 416-691-4664

Fax: 416-691-8772

Baitul Aman Masjid - 3114 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Baitul Aman Masjid - 3114 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada


The Danforth Community Center (a not-for-profit organization – Ontario Corporation #1766287, BN 80625 7218) , under whose auspices, Baitul Aman Masjid operates signed a contract to buy the land and building where the mosque is now located for $1,850,000.

We have already paid an advance of $150,000 but must raise the balance of the price by the closing date of October 9th, 2008.

Alhamdullilah, we have collected approximately $800,000. We are depending on your help in raising the rest of the money we need to buy the property and to continue our work in the community.

We are asking that you either make a contribution or non-interest loan (karz-e-hasana) to the masjid fund.

There are several ways that you can get the funds to us:

Deposit directly into our bank account at TD Canada Trust, 3060 Danforth Avenue, Toronto , Ontario M4C 1N2 – Account # 0032-5223117, Transit # 00332

Bring your cash, cheque or money order into the masjid and present it to a member of the mosque staff. You can receive a receipt for your donation or a promissory note for your loan to us, at that time.

Mail your donation to Baitul Aman Mosque, 3114 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 1B1, Canada.

During Ramadan 2008…

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

Baitul Aman is generally open from 10am to 10pm during Ramadan and is of course also available for those Muslims who wish to spend the night in the masjid during this sacred time.

Prayer times at Baitul Aman at this time are as follows:

FAJR (knock on the door to attend this prayer) – 6:15 am

ZUHR – 1:30 pm. Friday jumah – 1st jummah: khutbah at 1:30 pm in Bengali with prayer at 2:00pm; 2nd jummah: khutbah at 2:40 pm in English with prayer at 3:00 pm.

ASR – 5:30 pm

MAGHRIB – sunset (changeable, consult your prayer schedule)

ISHA – 9:00 pm

Come celebrate Eid with us at Baitul Aman

Come celebrate Eid with us at Baitul Aman

Eid prayers will be held at Baitul Aman masjid on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008, insha’Allah.

There will be 3 sessions, insha’Allah, at 8:00 am, 9:00 am and 10:00 am. Fitr payment is $7.

Food will be served to all who come.

Please come, bring your family and join us for Eid!